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How do we count the number of windows

We count the windows be leafs. They may vary in size, the main thing is their number .

This is a double-leaf window, it counts as one window

Single-leaf narrow window is half window

If you have three leafs, it's 1.5 windows

Balcony door and window - it's 2 windows

One section to the floor counts as one window. There are 5 windows in the picture

If the windows are not to the floor, they are counted by leafs. In the picture there are 2 windows (4 leafs)

If you get 9.5 windows in your order, round down to 9.

One leaf / section of the French window (floor window) is a single window. If you have double windows, this counts as two windows.

You can order window cleaning separately, you can order along with cleaning the apartment. The order can be paid by card or cash. In the cold season, we wash the windows on one side.