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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Dry cleaning of furniture and carpeting

We offer flat rates and a fast, convenient booking. You can pay for the dry cleaning with cash or a credit card You can make a booking on the website or by contacting our call center. Even if you need the cleaning on the same day, our cleaners can get to you in a few short hours. You can also plan everything in advance: even if you book us a few weeks in advance, no worries. We will be there in time.

We provide on-site dry cleaning of furniture and carpets in Kyiv. We use wet-dry vacuum cleaners Kärcher and high-quality cleaning supplies. We can dry clean any upholstered furniture, including couches, chaise lounges, armchairs, chairs and stools. We clean office furniture and carpeting. We can also clean rugs in your home.

You will know the price right away, and the procedure takes several hours. You don't have to be present. The furniture and the rugs will be slightly damp and can be used just in several hours after cleaning.

We have been providing dry cleaning services since 2017. We have a big experienced team. You can order apartment cleaning and dry cleaning simultaneously.